History of The Learning Village

(Other names:  GA-EPH, Roberts School, Homeschool Excursions and GHEIN)

Teri Verhine originally started the enrichment program at Roberts School in Fall 2004 with a local support group-GHEIN-Georgia Home Educators Inclusive Network.  It was a wonderful place for homeschool families to take classes at one day without driving to different locations.  The program started with 8 families offering about 6 classes.  The City of Acworth allowed the use Roberts School at no cost to non-profit organizations.  GHEIN dissolved over the following summer.

Teri wanted to continue the program.  Realizing the need for a non-profit organization in order to continue the use of Roberts School, Homeschool Excursions was contacted to see if it would be possible to partner.  The enrichment program became part of Homeschool Excursions.  It was known as HSE Enrichment Program. The program grew with families and classes.


During this year, the city decided that they wanted to start charging us rent (only us) not other non-profit groups.  Teri met with the Mayor, City council members and the Director of Parks and Rec Department numerous times.  City council meetings were attended for months.  And after about a 6 month battle, the city finally changed the policy to be fair to all non-profit groups.  We do pay rent now, however the policy is the same for all non-profit organization.

The program continued to grow to include over 75 families offering over 16 classes each session.

Teri decided it was time to break away and start a non-profit organization for the enrichment program.  Georgia Enrichment Program for Homeschoolers, Inc.-GA-EPH was formed.  We had a    wonderful year.  We begin to change our focus to include more academic classes.  We added many new instructors.  We ended the 2007-

2008 school year with about 90 families and more classes for preschooler-middle schoolers.  

We had a great year with new families and new classes.  We increased the number of students and classes for middle-schoolers.  We had nearly 100 families participate in our program for the 2008-2009.  We offered several field trips including Cobb County Water Treatment Plant, Cobb County Water Authority, Behind the Scenes at Stars and Strikes and more.  GA-EPH held our 3rd Annual Art and Talent Showcase.

GA-EPH has been very successful.  GA-EPH continued to grow with new classes and families.  We now offer classes for preschool-high school students.  We have had many names-GHEIN, HSE and now GA-EPH.  But many refer to our program as classes at Roberts.  The success of GA-EPH is a reflection of the wonderful families and great instructors.  GA-EPH has participated in many service programs including Annual Lake Clean-up, projects benefiting MUST Ministries, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and many more.  A group of students that studied Europe during the 2011-12 year, traveled to Europe for 15 days.  

Our program continues to grow each year.  

Enrollment has been incredible!  Enrollment was open for the 2012-13 year in May.  Within 2 days, we had over 40 families enrolled and two classes full with waiting list.  We will continue to enroll during the summer and look forward to another great and successful year!

Enrollment was once again incredible!  We finally made the decision that Roberts School just wasn't big enough and we have signed a contract for a new location.  We will start offering classes at 1370 Lockhart Drive, Kennesaw, GA 30144.  We are very excited about the new location and how GA-EPH continues to grow.  

GA-EPH will greet the new year in a new location and with a new name! Please join us as we become The Learning Village, which will open its doors at Towne View Baptist Church. Imagine everything that GA-EPH offers with more flexibility for parents, in a larger, cleaner, space; spacious common area, ample parking, dedicated internet, clean classrooms with functioning heating and cooling, and more! While our new facility will be amazing, our tried and proven quality programming will remain the same.

Why the name change? As our community continues to grow, we have the opportunity to reach out to the ever-growing number of homeschoolers in our area; to welcome them into our family, and to offer more opportunities to students and families. To do that, we must embrace our role as educators within the community while acknowledging that we are truly a village guiding our students. In light of that, GA-EPH will become The Learning Village.​

Our Location

The Learning Village

Phone: 770-966-8854

950 Shiloh Road Northwest Kennesaw, GA, 30144

Mailing Address:  

4937 Lighthouse Pointe

​Acworth, GA 30101


2016-17 CALENDAR

Session 1
August 16 - October 6
Deadline:  July 18

Session 2
October 11 - December 15
No Class:  Nov 8 and 10
No Class:  Nov 22 and 24
Deadline:  Sept 12

Session 3
January 3 - March 2
Inclement Weather Weeks-We will use these weeks as make up weeks if needed.
Jan 31 and Feb 2
March 7 and 9
Deadline: Dec 6

Session 4
March 14 - May 11
Spring Break-No Class:  April 3 and 5
Deadline:  Feb 13

Open House and Used Curriculum and Book Sale

Thursday, July 28th, 10:00 AM-1:00 PM

General Information

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are four sessions. Each session will be 8 weeks long. Please review the calendar for start/end dates.  

Classes are provided for preschool through high school. We even have some parents enjoying being students!

You must complete an enrollment form for each session. You must also complete a Participation Agreement.  Enrollment and checks must be received by deadline dates in order to avoid a late fee of $10 per class.

Instructors will be notified on the deadline date to determine class size.  Some classes may be canceled if minimum number of students is not met.

When a class reaches full capacity, we will place students on a waiting list in the order of enrollment.

Students are expected to be in attendance when the classes are in session. Classes should begin on time and students should arrive approximately 5 minutes prior to class to ensure classes begin on schedule. Please assist your student with their class locations, as we do not take responsibility of escorting student from class to class. Please make sure your child knows his/her schedule.

No, our program is a secular program. We welcome everyone.

All students are expected to behave in a manner appropriate to an educational setting.


Questions and Answers

When should I register?
You should register as soon as you know the classes you are interested in.  It is important to inform our instructors of the number of students in a class to insure proper class preparations.

If I register for a future session, will I be able to make changes in classes if I decide that I don’t want to take a certain class?
Yes, you will be able to make changes until the deadline for that session.  Please let us know as soon as you know that you would like to make a change.   It is important to inform our instructors of the number of students in a class to insure proper class preparations.

My child is younger than the minimum for a class. Can he/she still participate?
The age guidelines are not set in stone. You know best if your child is capable of doing the work in a specified class. If you think your child would enjoy something, but the age or grade listed does not fit with your child's, please contact the instructor (emails are listed for each instructor).  Instructor  would be happy to discuss the class and your child with you to see if it is a good fit.

Are family discounts available?
The family discounts are determined by the individual instructors. The administration fee is per family, not per student.

What are the costs of the classes?
Each instructor sets the cost of the classes. The Learning Village does not profit from the class fees. A percentage of the instructors’ fees is retained to help cover the rental expense.

If my child does not like the class can I get a refund?
Our policy is no refunds once the session begins.  

Do I have to continue to pay the administration fee after I have paid for 3 sessions?
Yes, we offer a discount for families that choose to pay the annual fee.

$40 per session/per family
$120 per year/per family

If I register for the entire year and a class is canceled, will I get a refund?
Yes, if a class is canceled, you will receive a refund for the cost of the class.

Are administration fees refundable?
No, we will not be able to refund administration fees.  If all enrolled classes are canceled, the administration fee will be refunded with your class refund.

Guarantee Enrollment
Students will be guarantee a spot in a class once the enrollment process and payment is received.  For courses that are more than one session, current students will be able to register first.  However, if payment has not be received by the deadline, enrollment will be open to new students.

Waiting List
When a class reaches full capacity, we will place students on a waiting list in the order of enrollment.  

What if my child misses a class? Will I get a refund?
Refunds cannot be given after session has started.  Our instructors will work with you to make sure you get any missed information.

Is the program religion based?
No, our program is a secular program. We welcome everyone.

Can I drop my child off and leave during class time?
Yes.  Parents are no longer required to remain on-site. Students should be in a class, waiting room or a supervised room.  Students under 12 years should not be left unattended while not in a class.

Is there a place for me to wait with my other children?
Yes, there is a waiting area for parents and siblings. There is no outside gathering or play.  

What qualifications do the instructors have to teach my child?
We have hired qualified and trained instructors for our program. Each instructor must also complete a Georgia background check prior to teaching.

Do you follow the school systems calendar?
No, you will need to check dates for each session.  

What do we do in the event of inclement weather?
We will cancel classes if Cobb County Schools are out due to inclement weather.

Have a question you don't see listed?
Please call or email me! Call 770-966-8854 or email me teriverhine@gmail.com.